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MySpace Tweak Codes

Here is the list of tweak codes that we have for your MySpace. They are easy to use but might not always do exactly what they intend to do, mainly because MySpace constantly change things which often breaks these codes. We are looking for more codes to add, any ideas? For general modification of text and profile content, try our HTML Editor.

These codes are of course made for the standard myspace profiles, not the 2.0 profiles!

General Codes

Background To Blurbs
Background To Extended Network
Background To Your Name
Border To Whole Page
Center Profile
Comment Boxes
Scrolling Content Boxes
All Tables Switch Sides
Comments Table Switch Sides
"Mini Myspace Profile"
Cover / Hide Profile (DIV Overlay)
Move Contact Box
Scrolling Friends and Comments
Move Your Music Player
Shift Profile Left / Right
Center Friends & Comments
Image Rollover / Hover Effects
Edit View More Pics Section

Text & Link Codes

Hover Link Sparkles
Lower Case Links
Remove "Add Comment" Link
Special Characters
Text Link Hover Effects
MySpace Marquee Codes
Blinking Text
Center All Text
Remove Your "View Friends" Link
Hide Codes

Hide "About Me"
Hide Extended Network
Hide Blog / Latest Blog Entries
Hide Latest Blog Headline Only
Hide Left Side Table Titles
Hide Friends Count
Hide Comments
Hide Search Form
Hide Friends
Hide Friends Names Only
Hide Your Name
Hide Contact Box
Hide Details Section
Hide Interests Section
Hide General Information
Hide Last Login
Hide URL Box
Hide MP3 / Music Player
Hide Bottom and/or Top Links
Hide "Who I'd Like To Meet"

Resize Codes

Resize Extended Network
Resize Left Side
Resize Comment Videos
Resize Comment Images
Resize Friend Space Images
Resize Top Links Menu