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MySpace Generators (and Flash Tools)

Here is the list of generators and flash tools that we have for MySpace, and all flash tools works for Facebook, Bebo or any other webpage. With these tools you can create great looking profiles with next to no prior knowledge of how. If some generator does not work please Contact us, MySpace constantly change things which can cause generators and tweaks to stop working.

Fish Aquarium

Customize your own sized aquarium and fill it with different colored fish, almost a must have for any profile.

Photo Decorator

Upload, frame and add effects to your own photos.

Neon Sign Generator

Pimp your profile, blog or website with your own cool neon glowy text tags.

Globe Generator

Plot and describe special places in the world that means something to you, on your own globe.

Birthday Cards

Create great looking flash birthday cards for all your friends, or just for yourself.

MySpace LED Sign Generator

Generate a custom LED sign for your MySpace.

Myspace Polls

Create your own polls and put them on your profile for your visitors to vote.

Myspace Surveys

Create your own survey with questions and answers for your profile and friends.

Lava Lamps

Put a cool looking flash lava lamp on your MySpace.

Top of Page Banners

Place your own cool image/banner above the advertisement on your profile, same as band profiles often do.

Puzzle Generator

Choose one of our images or upload your own and generate a jigsaw puzzle for your MySpace.

Glitter Animator / Pen Tool

Draw your own glitter graphics and generate an animation of your work.

Love Notes

Make a love note for that special someone.

Swinging Heart

Create a cute swining heart for your baby.

3D Image Cube

Upload up to six different images onto cool spinning 3D cube.

Map Locator

Show your visitor exactly where you are from with this cool map locator!

Photo Warp

Upload and warp photos and images, fun for everyone.

HTML Editor

Create text, tables and other basic HTML elements without knowing anything about HTML coding.

Dancing Lines

Generate cool "dancing lines" on the left side on your MySpace profile.

Rainbow Text

Create cool rainbow text in different sizes and colors.

Crazy Text Banners

Create awesome text banners in different styles and colors for your profile or comments.

For Dummies Book Covers

Make your own funny "Dummies" book covers.

MySpace Wall Calendars

Put a custom wall calendar on your MySpace profile!

Funky Text Effects

Create amazing text effects for your profile or comments.

MySpace Doll Maker

Create you own cool MySpace dollz, tons of parts to choose from.

World Visitor Maps

Place a visitor map on your profile that plots where you and your visitors comes from.

Glitter Text Factory

Generate a Glitter Image word or sentence in flash, loads of fonts and glitter textures .

Text on Image Generator

Place text on selected images and add cool effects, all in flash.

Fridge Magnets

Add a fridge full of magnets to your MySpace.

Clock Generator

Make cool clocks in flash.

Countdown Clock Generator

Create cool countdown clocks in flash.

Wavy Text Scroller

Create cool wavy text that scrolls from right to left.

Comment Box Generator

Create a custom comment box for your profile, your visitors will be able to comment you without clicking the "Add Comment" link.

Contact Tables Generator

Customize your contact box / contact tables.

Extended Network Generator

Put a custom image on the " xxx is in your Extened Network " section.

Falling Objects Generator

Create snowing / raining / falling objects effect.

Flash Music Player Generator

Super cool flash player, play a list of your mp3 songs.

Auto Comment Generator

Want your friends to post a comment you desire with just one click? Try this!

MySpace Profile Editor

Design, Edit the whole profile with this profile editor, easy to use MySpace Editor.

Overlapping Text Generator

Generate Overlapping text for your MySpace.

Nav Bar Generator

Replace myspace's default navigation with your own.

Song Codes Generator

Generate the code to play a song on your profile.

Whore Me Generator

Create the WHORE ME codes for bulletin.

Video Codes Generator

Generate the code to play a video on your profile.

Friends Space Generator

Generate your custom top 12, 16, or even 40 friends in your friends space!

Smiley Text Signs

Create cool smilies holding custom text signs.

Layout Stealer

Found a great MySpace layout? Try stealing it using our layout stealer!

MySpace Christmas Graphics

Make cool snowy Christmas graphics for your profile in time for the holidays, all in flash .